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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

January 18, 2012 Day One

Well today is the first day of my Blog and it took awhile to make the template to reflect who I am as a person, artist & designer. But everything in life is taken in small steps, right? :-)

Currently I am working on some simple, yet sensational earrings to post on my Etsy shop. Those composed of vintage and new findings. My latest necklace I finished the other day, completely composed of vintage crystals and a vintage rhinestone brooch, highlighted with some spectacular Swarovski bi-cone red fire opal crystals... Fire & Ice!

Then back to making some new rosary sets for the new year, first the Mother Teresa set which will be composed of Vintage French beads in blue and white, thus reflecting Mother Teresa's habit. With a lovely tri-connector that has a image of Blessed Mother Teresa on one side and the crucifix is very modern, silver metal with a lovely shade of blue enamel. This should be lovely.

Then onto a pair of First Communion beads for my nephew Danny, of course they will be very Irish! I have to get them done for his communion in May.

All the while maintaining the home front: Larry and the kitties, the house chores and looking for a full time job in the Graphic Art field (print media). Such as it goes...

Till tomorrow...

Today's Jewelry Image:  is my very own necklace I created from an actual Mercury Cougar key ring, a little inside joke. ;-)

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