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Etsy Shop Link
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Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday Finally!

What a week! Nothing too eventful, but none the less it is finally finishing up. The politicians are very entertaining down in Florida, watch that every night on MSNBC. ;-)

Working on some new Krazkat Kreations and thinking about maybe selling at a Craft Show or two this year. But I need more items made before I can commit and of course some $$ to pay for the shows. They run about $50 per show if hosted by a non-profit, which is about all I can afford right now! ;-) The big juried shows run at $100 & up per show, not ready for that now. Have to take baby steps in any venture, that's why I started with my Etsy shop here on the net.

Just ordered some finding supplies from a local seller on Ebay, I made sure I purchase only USA components. Have to support American made products & businesses whenever possible. :-) It is difficult since so little is made here, but I noticed more and more items are American made, it is just a matter of finding them. I purchased from this seller here in NJ, vintagesuzanne on ebay: http://stores.ebay.com/hyeonbeads
She seems to have quality items, she is a beader and small business owner too. Take a look at her ebay store and I believe she has a blog too.

Okay time for coffee!

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