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Etsy Shop Link
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Monday, February 20, 2012

Back to Basics...

Just recovering from a head cold/sinus infection, self medicating with Alka Seltzer Cold & Cough. Can't afford to go to the doctor. :-( So, just roughing it out here. Feeling a lot better, last week was a bust on the creative front. Made a few more bracelets and a necklace, then the cold starting to hit me around Thursday super hard. Managed to get back to some chores here on Friday, then I was totally crashed out for the weekend. Just starting to feel normal (as normal goes) ;-) today, but will take it easy.

The sun is shining and I am hoping Spring 2012 is around the corner, No Snow...Please! Been lucky so far this winter. ;-) Need to get new items up on Etsy, perhaps a few bracelets...just a few to spark some interest.  This week I hope to get that done. Later my friends...

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Need to Bead!

Did a lot of beading this past weekend, made over a dozen Hip-E-Dip-E Luv bead bracelets for the upcoming Craft Season. My hubby and I are going to try a show or two at Allaire State Park this Spring & Fall, as well as a few Flea Markets there (we have other "stuff" to sell too!)

With these hard times and lack of steady work, we try to do the best we can and sometimes that means buying inexpensive items to sell or making things to sell... just a few extra $$ to buy groceries and what not. And the items that don't sell ("stuff") we either pack up till the next flea market or we donate to Goodwill. Sometimes you have to just say goodbye and be done with it. ;-p

I am making jewelry pieces especially for the Craft Shows and what I don't sell I will post on Etsy this Summer or Fall... need a decent amount of inventory for the shows, as well as a few good photos to submit with my application. It is a Juried show, my first. Meanwhile we have to save a few $$ for the applications.

Here one of the photos showing me beading this past Saturday afternoon. Making bracelets

Today's Photo: Krazkat beading 2-11-2012 taken by the "Hubby" :-) In photo: Vintage Fiestaware salad bowl in Ivory, Fiestaware 2000 mug in Persimmon, Vintage tablecloth with red roses

Friday, February 10, 2012

Ending the Week on a Good Note...

 As I turned on my little Cruz tablet last night, my email icon popped up and much to my delightful surprise I made a nice sale on Etsy. :-) Not just a sale, but three items were purchased from a lady with great taste in NYC. I guess it is true...folks in NYC have their fingers on the pulse of fashion! ;-)
Vintage Style Fan Earrings w/Czech Beads & Swarovski Crystals

Hip-E-Dip-E Sunflower Necklace


Hip-E-Dip-E Super Long Necklace

 Anyway just sharing my good fortune, which motivates me even more to plod along and to keep creating more Krazkat Kreations! :-) Hopefully today I will be able to sit myself down at the table and work on more pieces...so much to do and what not! ;-)

Today's Photos: Krazkat Kreations 2011

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Bizzy Bee I May Be... ;-)

This n That
Been busy with this n that & what not. ;-)
Made quite a few sets of earrings & a necklace last Friday evening and in the works quite a few bracelets for the upcoming Craft season. I intend to try to sell at a series of Craft & Flea Markets this year...all at a local state park here in NJ. See if my Kreations have a audience... if not I will most likely just create pieces as gifts... or keep trying to sell on Etsy. Wish me luck...

Today's Photo: Bagged Krazkat Kreations, waiting to be photographed

Friday, February 3, 2012

Five Wild Horses...like a Rolling Stone

Yep, you guessed it listening to a NYC Classic Rock station and they are playing the Rolling Stones. It is weird that I tend to name some of my Krazkat Kreations after a Stones Song. My brother has always been the big Stones fan and I ever so casually, and that only because we grew up together. He was always blasting the Stones on his 8 track while outside in the yard doing this or that. So I got a very good education of the Rolling Stones catalog of music. ;-)

In a recent post I introduced a necklace called "She's Like A Rainbow" which is a swirling dervish of colorful beads with an equally colorful pendant, created from an old earring element. Very hippie or Hip-E-Dip-E. ;-) Last year a had a great necklace (or so I thought, it did not sell) named "High Tide and Green Grass", (actually the name of a 1966 compilation album by the Stones) which is now part of my personal collection and which I wear with fervor. :-) (and matching earrings, of course)

Recently, I dubbed my 2003 Harley Davidson Sportser 1200 "Ruby" after the song, Good Bye "Ruby Tuesday". But it was hello for me and the bike, another story to be told. ;-)

What Stones song will influence me in the future or near future? Who knows, because "Time Is On My Side" till then. ;-)
Today's Photo: "High Tide and Green Grass, from my personal collection 2011

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Color My World...

Read a very interesting article on Fire Mountain Gems & Beads website today. All about designing jewelry that flatters different skin tones. Being about Cool tones & Warm tones. Very informative, here is the link:

So I knew some about the difference between Cool & Warm Tones but the kicker is the in the first paragraph... veins in your wrist... Bluish veins determine that you are a cool skin tone, Greenish veins determine that you are a warm skin tone. I did not know that. You learn something new everyday. :-)
~ Peace Out
Today's Photo: She's Like A Rainbow - Hip-E-Dip-E Necklace that is available at my Krazkat Kreations etsy store: www.kathystuffnmore.etsy.com