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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Long Time No Post!

OMG, talk about neglect, but feeling a bit optimistic this year, 2012-2013 was extremely exhausting with the job n everything, I mean everything fell to the wayside! But I'm going to try really hard to attend to this blog n to Krazkat Kreations on Etsy. I have many new items that been waiting to be posted on Etsy. Photos taken n need a bit of care in Photoshop, copy to be written etc. Need to make some extra moolah, who doesn't? Well see you soon n I'll let you know when my Etsy shoppe is updated!
These fab fun earrings are still available!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Summer 's Here & The Time is Right...

Super Luv Beads
It's been really hard adapting back to a full time job. Let alone a job that is a one hour commute one way every day. ;-( But it is getting easier each week and collecting a well & hard earned paycheck feels damn good! Been slowly getting back to beading and I mean slow, since I am so tired during the week the beading tends to be put off to stolen moments  here and there and during the weekends.

I have quite a few bracelets from my Hip-E-Dip Series made and ready to sell, might start putting some up on Etsy this summer. But I will try to sell at the flea markets Larry & I are doing at Allaire State Park here in NJ, along with our STUFF. ;-) Just made another sell this weekend of two Hip-E-Dip-E necklaces and sold two others last month. I noticed I tend to have sales during holiday weekends... let hear it for Holiday Weekends, Yippee! LOL!!! I guess folks have more time to peruse the web over a long weekend. :-)

Peaceful  Daze Hip-E-Dip-E Necklace

Peaceful Sunshine Necklace

Sunflower Necklace

Well... till next time when I have the time. Have a great summer, I'll be back during those long Holiday Weekends. LOL!!! ;-)
Today's Photos Courtesy of Krazkat Kreations 2011

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Been Busy with the Real World... ;-)

My Hubby Larry at one of our first Allaire flea markets in 2009
Been busy working at my new job and the commute is a killer, one hour to and from. Needless to say I have had little time or energy for much of anything except daily basics. Let alone blogging or jewelry making. Plus my old Mac was out of commission for almost 3 weeks waiting on a new power supply. Up and running now. ;-)
This week's News my hubby and I will be selling this n that at the Allaire State Park in Farmingdale, NJ this Saturday, April 28th from 8am to 4pm. Come one down and browse the flea market as well as the lovely Historic Allaire Village. We will be there bright and early at 6am to set up and in case of inclement weather during the day, we have our ever trusty 10x10 canopy to keep us dry and during nice weather to keep the sun off my fair Irish complexion! LOL!!! The flea market is a wonderful day trip and has many wonderful new and old items for sale. I will be selling some of my Krazkat Kreations too. See you there! ;-)

Friday, March 23, 2012


Sleep well Ozzy, Mom Kat is bringing home the Cat Nip! ;-)
Finally I am no longer going to be scrapping by! I am starting a new full time job on Monday and hopefully this will suit me at this stage of my life. A long commute but doable and no one has offered me anything let alone over minimum wage and full time. So I took it, plus a dear friend put a good word in for me too! I will be busy on weekends and evenings working on Krazkat Kreations I suppose, I suspect weekends till I get use to the early wake up and the commute! Wish me luck. ;-)
Today's Photo: Number Two Son Kat, Ozzy...what a sweetie!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sorry... ;-(

I have been busy with a part time substitute job and have not had the energy or really anything new to say here. ;-( Been doing little in the Krazkat Kreations department too, other than some organizing beads, supplies and my thoughts. Will try to have something interesting to say in the future... but meanwhile...
Morganna's Tears
One of my necklaces has been featured in a Etsy Treasury and I am deeply honored. :-)http://www.etsy.com/treasury/NzA2MjcxNnwyNDA3NjYyNTAx/from-the-pages-of-legend?index=0

There is nothing nicer or humbling than to be recognized by fellow artists and admirers. :-) Please click on the above link and enjoy the experience of Etsy and all the wonderful talented individuals that make it what it is! :-)

Today's Photo: Krazkat Kreations - Morganna's Tears ©2011

Monday, February 20, 2012

Back to Basics...

Just recovering from a head cold/sinus infection, self medicating with Alka Seltzer Cold & Cough. Can't afford to go to the doctor. :-( So, just roughing it out here. Feeling a lot better, last week was a bust on the creative front. Made a few more bracelets and a necklace, then the cold starting to hit me around Thursday super hard. Managed to get back to some chores here on Friday, then I was totally crashed out for the weekend. Just starting to feel normal (as normal goes) ;-) today, but will take it easy.

The sun is shining and I am hoping Spring 2012 is around the corner, No Snow...Please! Been lucky so far this winter. ;-) Need to get new items up on Etsy, perhaps a few bracelets...just a few to spark some interest.  This week I hope to get that done. Later my friends...

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Need to Bead!

Did a lot of beading this past weekend, made over a dozen Hip-E-Dip-E Luv bead bracelets for the upcoming Craft Season. My hubby and I are going to try a show or two at Allaire State Park this Spring & Fall, as well as a few Flea Markets there (we have other "stuff" to sell too!)

With these hard times and lack of steady work, we try to do the best we can and sometimes that means buying inexpensive items to sell or making things to sell... just a few extra $$ to buy groceries and what not. And the items that don't sell ("stuff") we either pack up till the next flea market or we donate to Goodwill. Sometimes you have to just say goodbye and be done with it. ;-p

I am making jewelry pieces especially for the Craft Shows and what I don't sell I will post on Etsy this Summer or Fall... need a decent amount of inventory for the shows, as well as a few good photos to submit with my application. It is a Juried show, my first. Meanwhile we have to save a few $$ for the applications.

Here one of the photos showing me beading this past Saturday afternoon. Making bracelets

Today's Photo: Krazkat beading 2-11-2012 taken by the "Hubby" :-) In photo: Vintage Fiestaware salad bowl in Ivory, Fiestaware 2000 mug in Persimmon, Vintage tablecloth with red roses