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Friday, January 20, 2012

Little Red Bird

Well, today I had a pleasant surprise to an email I wrote yesterday. That email where I queried an woodcarving artist about a broken piece of his art I own. It is of a little red cardinal, that I purchased at his gallery in Vermont back in 1997 as a gift for my Mom. Well the little cardinal met up with one of my cats one day and was knocked off the end table where he sat. He was knocked right off his little natural wood perch... since then he has sat waiting to be repaired.

I thought maybe I could glue him on, but decided to Google® the artist and see if he was still around and still working. Yes he is and his dear wife Marlene wrote back to me and said to pack the little bird up and mail him back and Norton would repair him free of charge! I was totally taken back, how kind. Though his art is guaranteed for life, I thought a meeting with a cat was not part of the guarantee!

So what a pleasant surprise in today's email. :-) The artist is Norton Latourelle of Norton's Gallery in Shoreham, Vermont. Creative, Sweet & Whimsical is his art, pay him a visit today: www.nortonsgallery.com

Today's Image: Debased Little Red Bird :-(

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