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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tea Time with Mary & Fiesta

Ever since my lay off in July of 2009 and my friend Mary will occasionally come over for tea & talk. Today was Tea Time with Mary. We do this about once a month, just to catch up, chat, gossip (only a little) and throw creative ideas around with one another. We have not seen each other since before Thanksgiving, the holidays tend to bump Tea Time up a month or so. :-) But we do chat on the phone every so often.

Mary has a cup of tea (in a ring handled Fiesta Mug) of course... ;-) depending on the time of year it is always a different mug from my Fiesta collection. Today it was a Persimmon mug, next month I might just switch out to a Diner mug and then in March to Shamrock. ;-) (I have yet to purchase any Vintage mugs)

I on the other hand always have coffee during our Tea Time, usually in one of my 10 Fiestaware 2000 Persimmon mugs. Big 14 oz. mug with it's Asian flair and it's big symmetric handle. I say one of 10...but alas one endured a chip, then a hairline and it leaks. :-( Now it is a pen & pencil cup on my kitchen counter. A replacement is a click away on ebay for $20 plus shipping... I hesitate because the bulk of my 10 mugs were purchased from one seller on ebay for like $10 or less each...because I bought all she had! Bad Kitty... but it is what it is... when you are a Fiesta Fanatic.

We usually will have some cake or donuts or cookies with Tea & (coffee) and that is always served on Fiesta B&B plates too. Either Vintage or Contemporary... depends on my mood. ;-)

So today was a nice sunny & mild late January Tea Time day... See you next month Mary... See you later Fiesta... ;-)
Today's Photo: Archived Photo of Fiestaware 2000 Mug, Pearl Grey 2000 Disc Pitcher, Evergreen Presentation Bowl, Kitchen Kraft Cake Plate, Original Green B&B plate and two very curious kitties: Elvis (Siamese Snowshoe) & Trixie (Grey Tabby) Also in photo Franciscan Jelly/Jam Jar

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