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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Need to Bead!

Did a lot of beading this past weekend, made over a dozen Hip-E-Dip-E Luv bead bracelets for the upcoming Craft Season. My hubby and I are going to try a show or two at Allaire State Park this Spring & Fall, as well as a few Flea Markets there (we have other "stuff" to sell too!)

With these hard times and lack of steady work, we try to do the best we can and sometimes that means buying inexpensive items to sell or making things to sell... just a few extra $$ to buy groceries and what not. And the items that don't sell ("stuff") we either pack up till the next flea market or we donate to Goodwill. Sometimes you have to just say goodbye and be done with it. ;-p

I am making jewelry pieces especially for the Craft Shows and what I don't sell I will post on Etsy this Summer or Fall... need a decent amount of inventory for the shows, as well as a few good photos to submit with my application. It is a Juried show, my first. Meanwhile we have to save a few $$ for the applications.

Here one of the photos showing me beading this past Saturday afternoon. Making bracelets

Today's Photo: Krazkat beading 2-11-2012 taken by the "Hubby" :-) In photo: Vintage Fiestaware salad bowl in Ivory, Fiestaware 2000 mug in Persimmon, Vintage tablecloth with red roses

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