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Friday, February 10, 2012

Ending the Week on a Good Note...

 As I turned on my little Cruz tablet last night, my email icon popped up and much to my delightful surprise I made a nice sale on Etsy. :-) Not just a sale, but three items were purchased from a lady with great taste in NYC. I guess it is true...folks in NYC have their fingers on the pulse of fashion! ;-)
Vintage Style Fan Earrings w/Czech Beads & Swarovski Crystals

Hip-E-Dip-E Sunflower Necklace


Hip-E-Dip-E Super Long Necklace

 Anyway just sharing my good fortune, which motivates me even more to plod along and to keep creating more Krazkat Kreations! :-) Hopefully today I will be able to sit myself down at the table and work on more pieces...so much to do and what not! ;-)

Today's Photos: Krazkat Kreations 2011

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  1. Message from the buyer, Lori J. of NYC: "Hi Kathleen---Want to let you know how much I loved loved loved your jewelry!! I have taken the two necklaces, hooked them together and have wound them around my wrist. Works wonderfully, and just like I intended. If you are ever interested and can, I would be ready to snap up any other colors and arrangements I like in your "love bead" necklaces." Thanks so much.