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Friday, February 3, 2012

Five Wild Horses...like a Rolling Stone

Yep, you guessed it listening to a NYC Classic Rock station and they are playing the Rolling Stones. It is weird that I tend to name some of my Krazkat Kreations after a Stones Song. My brother has always been the big Stones fan and I ever so casually, and that only because we grew up together. He was always blasting the Stones on his 8 track while outside in the yard doing this or that. So I got a very good education of the Rolling Stones catalog of music. ;-)

In a recent post I introduced a necklace called "She's Like A Rainbow" which is a swirling dervish of colorful beads with an equally colorful pendant, created from an old earring element. Very hippie or Hip-E-Dip-E. ;-) Last year a had a great necklace (or so I thought, it did not sell) named "High Tide and Green Grass", (actually the name of a 1966 compilation album by the Stones) which is now part of my personal collection and which I wear with fervor. :-) (and matching earrings, of course)

Recently, I dubbed my 2003 Harley Davidson Sportser 1200 "Ruby" after the song, Good Bye "Ruby Tuesday". But it was hello for me and the bike, another story to be told. ;-)

What Stones song will influence me in the future or near future? Who knows, because "Time Is On My Side" till then. ;-)
Today's Photo: "High Tide and Green Grass, from my personal collection 2011

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